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Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar Review

General Info

  • Price: $420 for box of 25 cigars
  • Made by: Romeo y Julieta
  • Made in: Habana, Cuba
  • Dimensions: 7” by 47 ring gauge
  • Shape: Julieta No. 2
  • Strength: Medium
  • Filler: Cuban
  • Binder: Cuban
  • Wrapper: Cuban
  • Cold Draw: Cedar, nutmeg, dirt
  • First Third: Black pepper, cedar, pine, leather, dirt
  • Second Third: Orange, lemon zest, spice, leather
  • Final Third: Citrus, pine, leather, dirt
Romeo Y Julieta Churchill


The Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar is loved by most cigar aficionados. With a size of 7” by 47 ring gauge, it has always maintained the gold standard of quality that the brand is known for. It is packed inside a velvety medium brown-colored wrapper that has a certain oily sheen to it.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Review

The cigar has an even surface with a slightly firm texture that feels nice between your fingers. It is packed with the signature Cuban tobacco that gives it an earthy aroma. There are very few veins on the surface of this cigar. Each Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar is covered with the signature red Romeo Y Julieta wrapper with the emblem printed on it. Beneath it, you would also find a gold-colored band that shows the word “Churchill” printed on it in black. These cigars come in a white box with a patterned border, which contains 25 cigars.

Cutting Romeo Y Julieta Churchill

When you hold the Romeo Y Julieta between your fingers, its wrapper gives off a woody aroma, whereas the cigar itself has a natural scent with hints of cedar, cinnamon, cardamom, and tobacco.

Taste and Draw

The cigar is predominantly spicy notes, mixed in with cedar. Because of the spice, it has a stronger taste and aroma, which could make it better for seasoned smokers, rather than people trying out their first-ever cigar.

Lighting Romeo Y Julieta Churchill in Cigar Lounge

The Romeo Y Julieta is rolled to the perfect consistency and firmness, and this gives it a nice and clean look when burning. The pull on this particular stick isn’t too tight like some Cuban Cigars are known to be.

Smoking Romeo Y Julieta Churchill in Cigar Lounge

It also features thick dark grey ash with a clean white smoke coming out of it. Let’s have a look at what flavors and aromas you can experience when you bring it to your lips.

Cold Draw

Cedar, nutmeg, earth

The cold draw is a kind of introduction to the cigar, and it involves bringing the cigar to your lips and taking a puff before you light it. When you do this with the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar, you will experience any possible issue with the construction of the cigar, and taste a strong spicy aroma mixed with cedar and earth. Although this may differ from person to person, you might also experience strong hints of nutmeg in the cold draw. Mostly, this phase is dominated by the spice and cedar notes.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cigar Cuban

First Third

Black pepper, cedar, pine, leather, earth

Lighting Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban

When you light up the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill it’s important to take your time to make sure it starts with a clean and even burn. The initial lighting of the cigar will have a major impact on your smoking experience, which is quote long with this cigar.

Once lit, you start seeing thick solid ash that shows you the quality and richness of the tobacco inside the cigar. The first draw would give you an instant punch of black pepper that may take you by surprise. It takes some time for the black pepper taste to extinguish and once it does, you can take another draw to experience the cedar flavor with hints of pine, nutmeg, and earth, along with a unique leathery taste.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill in Mans Hand

Since its airflow is brilliant, this Cuban cigar lets out very thick smoke that stays around for a while before dispersing, and it also releases little smoke when you let it sit in an ashtray. The clean and consistent burn continues in a straight line without the ash falling off.

Second Third

Orange, lemon zest, spice, leather

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill in Cigar Lounge

Once you have puffed through the first third and enter the second, you are greeted with a fresh infusion of citrus with tiny notes of orange and lemon zest that are mixed together to deliver the most delightful and refreshing kick. The cedar and spice taste is still dominant in the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar, the citrusy flavor blends in well with the existing pine, leather, earth, and nutmeg, which start to take a back seat by this point.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Review

Overall, the cigar is quite mild until the second third, and you don’t really feel the effects of excess nicotine as you smoke it. Moreover, the cigar is still burning beautifully by this point, and you don’t have to discard the ash frequently, since it holds on well.

Second Third Romeo Y Julieta Churchill

Final Third

Citrus, pine, leather, earth

As you enter the final third of the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar, the nutmeg flavor takes a complete departure and leaves behind the strong cedar taste, along with the citrus and other flavors in the background. The best part is that the cigar still keeps burning brightly and properly with clean smoke, and you shouldn’t have to relight it even once. Take your time with the Romeo Y Julieta, so even though the length of the cigar has shortened considerably, you don’t overheat the smoke, which makes the Churchill an overall mild and smooth cigar.

Man Smoking Romeo Y Julieta Churchill

By the time you are nearing the end of the last third, you will have smoked your cigar for a good hour and a half, or maybe more if you like to take things even slower. Taking your time with the cigar will prevent any unwanted harsh flavors, and keep the burn line nice and clean. Thus, you keep getting a nice and enjoyable experience from the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Final Third Review

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar Summary

The Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar is a premium quality hand-rolled Cuban cigar that features the finest tobacco you can find. It has an earthy and woody aroma combined with spicy notes, and you can taste the cedar in each puff. As mentioned above, you can easily savor the cigar for anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes, depending on how you like to do it.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill in Ash Tray

If you take your time and slowly enjoy Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar is that it has a clean and consistent burn, and you will never have to relight it. The Churchill is also known for its rich white smoke and dark grey ash, which stays on for a good long time.

This cigar also handles its heat well and feels smooth in your hand, which means that your hands won’t feel the excess heat as you puff through the cigar, and you will be able to pick up some extra flavor due to the reduced temperature of the smoke hitting your palette. This is one cigar that you would certainly want to smoke down to a nub without any difficulty, and it has a generally smooth flavor without the heavy nicotine buzz many Churchills can leave you with.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar

The Romeo Y Julieta is not your quick smoke or break-time cigar. While it gives you a rich cigar experience, it also demands from you at least two hours of your time, which makes it perfect for savoring with your friends on special occasions. The best way to enjoy this cigar is somewhere you can sit back, relax, and focus on the moment. However, since they are a bit on the mild side, you might not enjoy this cigar if you are a fan of extra strong full-bodied Nicaraguan Churchills like the Padron 1926 Series No. 1 Maduro.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar Pairing Notes

Although the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar is quite delightful on its own as well, every experienced smoker knows that certain foods and beverages enhance the fun tenfold. For starters, you can have walnuts, pretzels, or other munching snacks with you. If you would like to take it up a notch, try having roast beef with the Churchill cigar, and you will be exposed to a whole new level of smoking experience.

When it comes to beverages, you can choose them according to the setting in which you are located, as well as the ambient temperature. Some of the common beverages enjoyed with this cigar are:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Ale
  • English-style rum
  • Single malt whiskey
  • Beer

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cuban Cigar History

Romeo Y Julieta was established in 1875 by Manin Garcia and Inocencio Alvarez, and its name was an ode to Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. Until 1900, the brand won many awards and gold medals for its exquisite quality cigars, and it was bought by Jose Rodriguez Fernandez in 1903. Under his management, the brand bloomed and spread all over Europe and the Americas.

Soon, Romeo Y Julieta became the rich man’s brand, and the company began manufacturing various signature types of cigars for their esteemed customers. One of their most popular cigars, the Churchill, was manufactured and crowned by his name when he visited the factory of Romeo Y Julieta in the late 1940s, since he was a cigar aficionado as well. This led to the birth of the famous cigar that we fondly smoke today.

Soon after the Churchill came into the market, it amassed a lot of popularity and demand, which is why many other cigar brands also took this route and started making their own Churchill variants. However, none of them came close to the pioneers. In the cigar world, a Churchill is known as a large cigar, but you can also find the Petit Churchill variant that was released much later by Romeo Y Julieta and is designed for shorter smokes.

The Romeo Y Julieta Churchill is the longest cigar made by the company, and it continues to be one of the highest-selling cigars even today.