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Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars in the World

Smoking the most expensive premium cigars is the preferred pastime for many wealthy people across the world. Taking this into consideration, it is fair to say that creating the perfect cigar is something all cigar brands attempt to attract the wealthiest people in the world.

These attempts have resulted in some of the most expensive cigars in the world with astronomical values. Below is a list of the top ten most expensive cigars in the world.

10. Arturo Fuente Anniverxario,-$78

Arturo Fuente is a notable cigar maker that creates premium cigars for the wealthiest to savor. The Arturo Fuente Anniverxario is a cigar that represents the 100th anniversary of the company. The company created this cigar in celebration and commemoration of its long line of success in the tobacco industry. 

Being such an old brand means that the company has stood the test of times, standing strong despite world wars, recessions, and economic failures. This justifies the $1500 price tag for the Anniverxario cigar box.

9. Arturo Fuente Opus X, – $300

This is another creation of Arturo Fuente. The Opus X represents a product from the Opus line of cigars. It came into the market in 2003, and these cigars were only sold at some events. This scarcity is what has triggered their price to a whopping three hundred dollars. 

A box containing hundred Opus X cigars was once sold for $30,000. This cigar originated in the Dominican Republic, and you can find them in different styles and colors. Cigar aficionados have gone on to explain the flavor profile of this cigar as one that is incredibly complex.  

8. Cohiba Behike, – $450

 These cigars are exclusive and infamous Cuban tobacco vessels that are much desired by cigar lovers around the world. Their high price is well justified as they are limited editions, and only 100 boxes were ever produced by the cigar makers.  

The Cohiba Company crafted these cigars on their 40th anniversary, and each box has a value of $18,000 dollars and contains 40 cigars. An interesting thing about the Cohiba Behike box is that each cigar in the box offers a different flavor profile. 

7. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserves, – $750

This cigar is recognizable by all cigar enthusiasts around the world. Many people refer to this cigar as the Rolls Royce of all cigars. They come in a box of 20, which is priced at $15,000.  The special price of this cigar is a reflection of their rarity.

This cigar is also incredibly difficult to purchase, and wealthy people around the world have to wait for several years to buy it. Each cigar ages for about 12 years before it can be available for purchase. 

6. Gurkha Black Dragon, – $1150

As you can see, Gurkha makes some of the most premium and exclusive cigars. You could only find this cigar available during 2006. Like His Majesty’s, these cigars were also available in a box of 20 at a price of around $23,000. 

The Black Dragon has ingredients from all around the world, resulting in an outstandingly complex and unique flavor. Fortunate smokers of this cigar claim that this cigar tastes both aromatic and sour.

5. King of Denmark, – $4500

For those fortunate enough to have an abundance of money that they can splash on luxury cigars, the King of Denmark may be as high as you can go. This cigar, unlike others, is not produced to fit certain standards; instead, it can include a myriad of customizable features that you will like.

The cigar comes wrapped in a gold wrapper with different bells, whistles and a stamp with the buyer’s name on it. Along with that, the bells and whistles also contain precious metals and jewels integrated into it.   

4. Regius Double Corona, – $52,785

It is difficult to wrap your head around this huge jump in price for a single cigar. However, cigar lovers know that this is not just a cigar but a whole experience. To smoke this cigar, you must be earning an obscene amount of money.

3. Gran Habano No 5, – $185,000

The Gran Habano is one of the unique cigars in the world, and the uniqueness is not in its flavor profile or scarcity but rather in its size. This cigar is the single largest cigar in the world. It is 6 meters long and weighs about 725 Kilograms. Another name for this cigar is El Gigante.

 2. Mayan Sicars, – $507,000

The half-million-dollar price tag for these cigars is likely to increase as time goes on. The Mayan Sicar holds incredible historical significance, and apart from cigars, they are also crucial pieces of antiquities.

They were created during the Mayan civilization and are the oldest cigars in the world, dating back to 600 years.

1. Gurka Royal Courtesan, – $1,000,000

Gurkha Royal Courtesan is where cigar royalty begins. This cigar’s filter is one of the rarest, coming from the secluded corners of the Himalayas. It is then watered by filtered Fiji water, and from there, the filter is infused with pearls.

When the filter is ready, a masterful cigar wrapper rolls the high grade and aged tobacco with a gold leaf wrapper. This results in a perfectly rolled premium cigar, and that’s not all. The cigar is also bedazzled with five carats of diamond when preparing the packaging. When all of this process is completed, the buyer receives this cigar personally by a white-gloved messenger.

5 Expensive Cigars You Can Actually Afford

As you can see, the upper echelons cigars are ones that only a minority of people can get to enjoy. However, this shouldn’t upset cigar lovers, as they can savor the same essence at just a fraction of the cost.

Fortunately, there are many affordable cigars that share a similar flavor profile as pricey premium cigars and have a price of about $50.

Fuente Fuente Opus X Double Corona – $26

Fuente Fuente OpusX Cigar Review

The Opus X line of cigars by the luxury cigar makers Fuente displays some of the best cigars that you can smoke. For the budget-friendly price of $26, the experience that you get when smoking this Fuente Fuente Opus X cigar feels like you closed the best bargain. When smoking down the length of the cigar, the flavors of cedar, caramel and spice make for a delightful blend.

Padron 1926 Series No. 1 – $23


If you are one that is appreciative of the box-pressed shape of a cigar, then this is ideally the cigar that you should spend your money on.  Box pressed cigars are an enjoyable smoke since they burn slower than the normal ones.

While the flavor profile of this Padron 1926 Series No. 1 cigar is complex, it is fair to say that it offers a perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

Cohiba Siglo VI – $50


Costing about $50, this is a cigar that you can save for a special occasion. It is undeniably a thing of beauty and comes in a great looking box.

Smoking the Cohiba Siglo VI is like getting a taste of the treasured Cuban soil. The sweet, cedar and spice flavors infuse amazingly together and give a memorable aroma. 

Trinidad Fundadores -$46

Trinidad fundadores expensive cigar

This cigar is exceptional, long and thin. Unlike the usual thicker and shorter cigars, this one has a different experience. If smoothness is what you look for in a cigar then you must consider lighting this one up. Its taste is not too overwhelming and has undertones of sweetness. Many cigar smokers that smoke the Trinidad Fundadores describe the aroma as being similar to chocolate or coffee.

Davidoff 702 Series – $30

If you are in search of quality flavor in a cigar and are looking to enjoy a premium brand, then the Davidoff 702 Series is something that you should consider. This cigar is crafted perfectly and consists of tobacco seeds straight from Cuba. Unique flavors when smoking this cigar are honey, leather, hay and cedar.            

Final Thoughts

Cigars offer a tobacco smoking experience of the highest quality. Once you understand the craftsmanship behind cigars and what each represents, their price starts to make more sense. For cigar lovers, smoking cigar symbolizes relaxation, pleasure, commemoration, royalty, and celebration.  Thus, many are willing to spend incredible amounts for a box of the most expensive cigars.